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HealthCare Dilemma

The cost of health care is extremely high. As an optometrist, I only see the tip of the ice berg. The majority of my day not only consists of prescribing ophthalmic eye drops for eye conditions but getting calls from the pharmacy that a particular insurance company doesn't cover the drug unless I spend even more time filling out prior authorizations (these are documentations on why the person needs the particular drug).

The paradox is that in the large scheme of things,

most people need much more than a particular drug to solve the problem.

The solution to the healthcare dilemma is not giving us more access to drugs via insurances or developing more an more drugs to place a bandaid on the problem.

The solution is actually to prevent the disease state in the first place.

Did I dare say that? Does it seem really obvious?

I did say that, and it is quite obvious. The more in depth issue lies in the fact that nobody wants to accept the truth. Society does not want to accept that they are the cause to their own suffering. Our disease state is due to the choices we make, and continue to make every day.

There has been new research out (and I will find it and credit it) that states that we have complete control over our destiny. That we actually control our genes. That choices we make with our environment, how we live, what we eat, stress in our lives, directly turns on and off gene expression. That is true power. We think our genetic destiny is inevitable. Just because our great grandfather and our grandfather and all of our aunts and uncles struggled with heart disease means we will too. We think it is our fate.

Now consider this. We were raised to imitate the people in our lives, the people before us. They ate a certain way, believed a certain set of beliefs around food, around work ethic, around stress, around exercise, around environment, around how life should be. Each of us involuntarily take that on, and it gives us the instructions on how we live our lives. This in turn, turns on the genes that allow each of those things to come true, generation after generation. But does this all mean it is destiny, does this all mean that the script can not be rewrote?

It doesn't. We have free will and choices. It does not make it easy. Ingrained beliefs are not easy to rewrite. But it also isn't easy being full of disease. Is it?

We have control of our genetic destiny.

With that in mind, medication is a band aid: it masks the symptoms and improves the current state but it doesn't solve the underlying problem. Responsibility and developing the habits of making new choices is the new solution.

Now let's move this to what my specialty is: dry eye disease. This condition is multifactorial which means it's thought to be caused by many factors such as, environment, hormone changes, age, nutrition, ect. The main treatment for this condition is treating the inflammation on the ocular surface.

Now, instead of treating inflammation, the next question is, where is inflammation coming from? Instead of treating the inflammation, treating the cause of the inflammation, to me, makes more sense. Inflammation in the body can come from stress (increase in cortisol in the body), nutrition (inflammatory foods), and environment (long term device use). Rewriting your habits, rewiring your mindset every day will decrease stress and inflammation in the body (including the eyes).

The problem is, this is the hard thing, To be conscious about changing your habits and lifestyle is much more difficult than putting a bandaid on something and masking the side effects from the real cause of the problem.

But honestly, it is the healthcare solution. The cost, is much less to the system. Eating anti-inflammatory foods, worrying less, moving more is the simple cure to the system. These costs are much less than health care costs. I will address the how in later posts.

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