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#AllIn4August: Goal Setting

This August is going to be a month we will never forget.

Things will get done, and we will be better than we were yesterday. That is all we can ask.

A lot of times when setting a goal, we add a billion things to what we want to do, to become.

Unfortunately, the human mind and body doesn't do well with a lot of tasks.

It becomes overwhelming,

and instead of doing everything we choose to do nothing and to stay the same.

There are some key steps in good goal setting that I want to share with you.

First start journalling to get everything down on paper that you want to become.

1.) Take out a sheet of paper

a) Ask yourself where do you want to be in five years from now?

--> Do not hold yourself back from this. Do not start thinking about logistics. Just write straight from the heart, everything you possibly want to be. What do you want to have? What do you want to be doing? How do you want to look? How do you want to act? Who are you friends with? What is your job like? Get down to the details here it is important.

Next, b.) What does this version of you do every day? What are your tiny habits?

Five years from now what habits does this person have that makes them who they are? Write out a whole day for them. A generic day.

c.) Now write down everything you do in a normal day right now. What does your average day look like right now?

d.) I think you see where I am going with this... So now circle or write down the differences.

You may have a lot of differences, you may just have a few. I promise you have at least one.

Now the thing with goals as I said earlier you can't throw yourself into a lot of them. Or you become overwhelmed and do nothing at all, and then you stay exactly the same. That version of you stays 5 years in advance and never gets created into the Now.

I heard about this book called, "The ONE thing." Now, I must admit I have to read it yet, but I listened to the author on a podcast so I get the gist. What the book is about is how we as humans is takes

66 days to create a habit.

Habits are what propel us forward. Essentially, its when we do things without brain power, and that is ideal in when we are creating better versions of ourselves. When we go through the hard mundane tasks on autopilot instead of constantly thinking about them. When we have to actively think, theres a chance we will choose not to do it. Therefore, creating habits, is the key to developing into the person you want. According to the book, it will take 66 days.

For this month, we are working on just a month. But I encourage you to keep going after that to really cement the new goal and habit into your subconscious mind.

Now when looking at your list, is there one goal that seems the most important, that seems like it may be the tipping point to all other goals, and might make the other habits easier to obtain down the road? If so, that is the one.

If one isn't obvious, just pick the one your heart wants you to pick. It's probably the right one anyways.

Now that you have your goal for August. You are ready to get started. Good luck, and I have more tips to come.

I uploaded prompts for you to make this exercise easier:

Journaling Prompts

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