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Is this you?

Your eyes burning all day everyday, you are supposed to put some tears in every few hours, that is what the doctor recommended anyway. The problem is that makes you feel like anything but a fox. You remember your mother doing that when you were a kid, and your grandmother for that matter. How has it come to pass that this is now you?

You have so much more left in your future and there is no way you are at the point where you have to put drops in to make your eyes feel better. That doesn't make you feel as young and beautiful as you really are. This only happened to you recently, why did this not happen 20 years ago. I bet you would rather just ignore it. You would rather have sore burning eyes than take that dropper out and put that in your eyes. It may feel better for about 5 minutes but it will also ruin your awesome make up for the day, and what about that cute guy next to you? You don't want him seeing you put those drops in, instantly aging you. Here is to starting a movement. Here is to having beautiful, comfortable eyes all day while looking and feeling like the fox you really are. It starts with your mindset. Understanding the process. And hopefully, along the way, your eyes will feel comfortable and you'll be feeling like the fox you truly are.

Come join the movement.


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