"Big results require big ambitions"

Dr. Ashley O'Dwyer

Ashley O'Dwyer, O.D.

I am an optometrist in Monroe, MI.  Never heard of it?  That is most likely true.  It is a mid sized small town with a low prevalence dry eye disease (at least from what I have seen).  That is the problem.  I have this passion and I can't let it out. So I am bringing it to the masses.  I want to help as many people as I can so I can get my fix.  Dry eye effects millions of people in the world.  It is a CHRONIC condition of all spectrums.  Some people have very mild eye dryness, while others it's debilitating.  From my experience, women are most bothered by this condition.  My goal is to help women from every walk of life with managing and living with this condition.  


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